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Custom Jewellery Calgary and Area
Hand Crafted Jewellery


Ashleigh resides in the small town of Okotoks, Alberta where upon receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, in Jewelry + Metals from Alberta College of Art + Design in 2010, founded Ashleigh Amber Moore Jewelry. 


Ashleigh draws her creative energy each day from this quintessential small Alberta community, with daily dog walking adventures and associated explorations to the local nature reserves, before settling into her home-based studio to create.


Ashleigh’s work incorporates many design influences revealing clean, bold contemporary lines to create unique one of a kind bespoke fine jewelry pieces or her production pieces.  With an attention to detail and quality, her conscious designs define mindful purchase. Employing traditional silversmith techniques, her work is all hand formed, never cast, believing that true art must be imagined and built with skill and technique.  The artist’s hand and eye evident in every stage and development of each piece that will be passed down from generation to generation.


Ashleigh’s passion is to design jewelry that is functional but not contrived - pieces that enhance the inner personality and true elegance of the person wearing her designs.

Taking inspiration from the conflicting love of architecture and form of the bigger city, with the obvious inspirations of the natural environment.

the subtle art of texture and surface finish is well recognized and speaks loudly of the small-town influences that inspire incredible designs.

Ashleigh Amber Moore


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