I love to collaborate with clients and help them with a design they have been dreaming about.


Whether that's sourcing you a one of a kind gemstone that inspired the design or starting from a sketch of something that has been in your mind, I am excited to help you design the perfect piece. 


Let's start with the ideas you have in mind, whether from your sketch or some inspirational photos, I will work with your ideas to design the dream piece. 

Fill out the contact form below or email me with your ideas, then we will schedule a time to talk about your ideas, clarify any questions and decide on the best materials, stones along with any additions that may be needed. 

Once I have a design concept ready for you, I will send you the sketches for approval.

Once we have a final decision, materials have been selected, along with your stones, I will do my best to provide you an accurate quote for the time and resources needed. 



Once everything has been selected, a quote has been completed and your stone(s) are selected, you will receive everything to review and ensure all requests have been clarified and understood.


We request a deposit to cover any initial costs upfront, this is kept at 50% while the final balance is required to be paid in full before the delivery of any piece.

Once the piece is finalized, for clients outside of our general area, pieces may be shipped using tracking. 

It all starts on paper. 

Each of my designs, whether for my own collection or for clients, starts in design, on paper.

Nothing becomes an heirloom piece faster than one that is custom-designed, whether a locket to the engagement ring.  

I can source various gemstones and different materials to ensure you get a one of a kind piece that is sure to leave an impression.

Aside from rings, memorial pieces are some of the most common requests. If you have something in mind, feel free to contact me.

Thanks! Message sent.

we were born original...

What we love about each other is the try original nature of us, so why not design the perfect piece for your perfect person.

Ashleigh Amber Moore