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I need to get real here, for just one post! I need to dry out the laundry. 

This whole one man show is challenging, draining, but it also can be so rewarding.  There are times I long for the 8-5 job. Where I come home, cook dinner and wake up and repeat.  But I did not choose that life. In many ways I am thankful. The long days, the lost weekends. The late night hustle.   Being the artist, the designer,accountant , writer. I wear many faces. Happy to wear each and everyone of them. But please know, that the challenge lies in keeping up with the social media demands. You see a beautiful image,a stunning piece. You see perceived  success.  And that is exhausting.  I am far from perfect, my practice is far from perfect. It's taken me five years in business to realize that success is not a number, not a following on social media. It's in the struggle that I find my greatest rewards.  

Here is to all the boss babes out there, keep your head high. Goals in hand. And never underestimate the power of support

Food for thought:

Supporting  another's success won't ever dampen yours 

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